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1. Minara Fund Raising Golf Day

Minara has yearly Golf Days to raise funds for charitable organisations from both sponsors and participants which is a successful yearly event.

For information on the next Golf Day, please refer to the events calendar.

2. Recognition Awards

Minara is affiliated to FNB’s Islamic Finance Awards and acts as an official on the judging panel. These awards serve to recognise companies and individuals for their outstanding achievements in business and social contributions.

3. Education Fund

Minara considers that education to our young and old is at the forefront to human empowerment and long term sustainability of individuals and has therefore set up an education fund to support its member’s contributions towards sponsoring bursaries for disadvantaged children’s and youth’s primary, secondary and tertiary education.

4. Hajj Fund

Minara is currently setting up an initiative to collect funds to send disadvantaged Muslims on pilgrimage.

We intend to raise sufficient funds to at least send 4 people for Hajj during the 2010 year, God willing.

5. Social Economic Development

Going forward into the current year, Minara is teaming up with other organisations to raise funds and facilitate empowering the un-bankable and needy communities to create small businesses to generate continuous revenue.

6. SA Muslims 2010 Welcome

Minara is involved with the initiative to assist and guide Muslim tourists on places to stay and amenability of mosques and Halaal restaurants and also informing the hospitality sector on the manner in which to cater for the guest’s requirements.

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